Generator oil tank 2024


The generator oil tank is designed with the typical specifications of the oil and flammable liquid industry. The generator oil tank is added or removed for special use by the generator such as the supply pipe and return pipe for the generator.
In addition, the generator oil tank is equipped with a pump system and equipment.
There are 2 types of oil tanks: day oil tanks and main oil tanks.
The day oil tank is functional enough to provide fuel for the generator during the day.
The main oil tank stores oil for the overall machine to operate in a certain cycle.
Pump system and control cabinet.
Level cabinet and level indicator.

STC Vietnam Technical Technology Co., Ltd is a company specializing in manufacturing, supplying and installing generator systems and backup stations. In addition, We are also a package supplier for electrodynamic systems and equipment.
Generator oil tank is drawn and submitted before production:
Specifications and specific products for each generator line from 100 Kva to 2500 Kva. Meet all generator specifications.
The product is certified by the Quality Measurement Center.
Products are manufactured according to the manufacturing process TCVN.

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