Powder coating best price in Ho Chi Minh City


Powder coating best price in Ho Chi Minh City

We are the best price powder coating supplier in Ho Chi Minh City, powder coating in districts and districts in Ho Chi Minh City. Quality powder coating, correct cleaning process according to electrostatic painting process.

Reasonable prices, beautiful paint colors create the best products the needs of each company in Ho Chi Minh City and items across the country.

Various color products, best price powder coating on the market.

We are the best paint service provider in the market, instead the products we bring meet all the needs of the market.
Powder coating services are diverse for each type of product such as electrical cabinets, standard cable trays, including wrinkled paint, smooth paint, creating the best surface for each product.
What is electrostatic paint? : Powder coating is a dry powder that is put into a paint machine with an electrical charge (+) and one end is an electrical charge (-), when sprayed on the surface, the powder is completely covered and put into a 200 degree autoclave. within 1 hour to meet the correct process of electrostatic painting at the best temperature. Stable over time.

The powder coating line runs automatically or has a downtime to ensure the best possible paint surface.
Powder coating line. The main equipment is spray gun and automatic controller, other equipments such as spray booth and paint powder recovery.
Coating is created by spraying powder that is electrostatically charged to the surface of the part and heated, then the coating powder will melt and form a well-bonded surface layer.
The powder coating completely covers the surface of the material, and is steamed at high temperature, ensuring maximum wear of the material over time.
After spraying, the powder that does not adhere to the part can be recovered and reused. This application is much better than wet paint and the ingredients contained in the powder coat add to the longevity of the material.

The thermoset resins will be ground into a fine powder and formed into a thin film, so that the coating surface is almost similar to paint. Material families in paint powder: There are 5 main families of thermoset resins: epoxy, hybrit, urethane polyester, acrylic, and tri-glycidyl iso-cyanuric (TGIC) polyester..
The materials used in powder coating are much more expensive than other traditional paint materials for the same area. However, there are many cases where the cost of producing the finished product is lower, especially when a thick coating is required, and can compensate for the high cost of powder materials. Cost and coating standards are also a matter of increasing product performance and reducing costs.
Suitable materials for powder coating are steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, magnesium, aluminum, zinc and brass. Powder coating is used commercially on a wide variety of small to medium sized metal products, including lighting fixtures, equipment enclosures, outdoor fixtures, shelving , window frames,…

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